The Diary Room has been given a makeover before tonight’s launch show

The Diary Room which previously had a very dark background and theme has been changed around for a lighter blue background themed room with the same chair.

The Daily Star have published teasers about the new housemates ahead of tonight’s launch

A Harry Styles look-a-like and twins are among the Housemates entering the Big Brother House tonight during the first of two live launch shows.

The fifteen teaser descriptions are as follows:

  1. Dated an Irish professional rugby player
  2. Has saved 28 people’s lives.
  3. Is a professional middleweight boxer
  4. A young sugar daddy who has managed strip clubs
  5. Chubby twins who claim Richard Branson is their idol
  6. Lived in the Savoy for six months and has a £10,000 per month allowance
  7. Is a lesbian fisherwoman
  8. A fire-breathing bisexual model
  9. Looks like 1D hunk Harry Styles
  10. Has a gypsy gangster grandad
  11. Football coach who loves a row
  12. Cougar who says she is “classy but not a snob”
  13. Karate expert with webbed feet who will “kick arse”
  14. Has dated a Saudi prince and is looking for a rich husband
  15. Dippy dental assistant who is the “new Jade Goody”